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8 Kaki Bukit Road 2 #04-33 Ruby Warehouse Complex (lobby B),

The GAWA LS Series is a Straight, L-shaped, U-shaped Or Stepped shelf that was started and invented by GAWA since 1994 to specially suit our customers who wish to fully utilise these shelves’ space. The Pole-less joints reduces obstruction and enables you to store more items than what conventional racks can provide. The series is made up of ‘hollow section’ tiers can be easily dismantled or extended in height. The shelf can also contain additional features like drawers, cabinets, hangers, wheels, etc. It is also available in various colours, custom-made sizes and designs. The LS Series is built on a strong stone fundamental structure which allows it to withstand up to 200kg UDL of storage materials per panel. Its design has taken into account factors like safety and being environmentally friendly. Its smooth surface gives it a neat and slick feel to it. It also does not have any holes which are capable of nesting insects.
Characteristics of LS Series:
  • L-Shaped, straight row or under the stairs
  • Increase storage space 3 to 4 times
  • You decide the number of shelves
  • You decide the height between each shelf
  • No obstructing poles at the L-corner
  • More Product